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FAQ's (membership candidates)

How long does this process take?

The process varies with the number of people currently involved.  it may take anywhere from two to six months from handing in application to your voting night.


When I Have my interview, what should I bring?

If you have any certificates of education and training, copies of course, please bring them. also please be patient as the membership committee may be interviewing someone before you and it may run past your appointment time.


If I work for another company, may I also volunteer at the protectives?

the protectives will allow anyone who makes it through the membership process, however, that may be an issue with your current company and you need to talk to your chief or board of directors/commissioners before continuing.


I'm in school and may not be able to make the 48 hr monthly commitment, is this going to effect my chances of getting in?

If you know school is going to cross into your volunteering with the protectives, you should hold off untill your schedule is less demanding because the last thing we here want is you to struggle in school due to volunteering, school is more important.


If you have any questions that you feel should be on this page, please email us through the contact us link

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