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Thursday April 6th

2023 Incidents
February Total 31
Structure Fires 14
Multiple Alarms 4
Commercial Water 8
Residential Water 3
No Duty 2
Vent/Fans/Ems/Other 0
2023 YTD Runs: 59

Visitor Counter

Visits: 13543
Today: 113
Total: 18850

Welcome to the Rochester Protectives!

 The Rochester Protectives are one of the few remaining 100% Volunteer Fire Salvage Company’s in the U.S. We provide both fire and non-fire salvage services to the City of Rochester, NY.

The Protectives provide assistance to the City of Rochester Firefighters, some of which include: 

  • Covering or removing property
  • Recovering family valuables
  • Providing ventilation through the use of smoke-ejecting fans
  • Set-up of emergency scene lighting
  • Pumping out flooded basements
  • Securing broken windows and doors

Our goals have remained the same since our inception and are paramount to our operations. The Protectives motto, We Strive to Save, is our commitment to the residents of Rochester, NY.

The command structure includes a Chief, Deputy Chief, Captain, and four lieutenants. Members volunteer a minimum of 12 hours per week, on one assigned night from 6pm to 6am.


PROT_2023 Membership Application_Printable