Upcoming Meetings:

Thursday December 1st

2022 Incidents
October Total 27
Structure Fires 19
Multiple Alarms 2
Commercial Water 1
Residential Water 0
No Duty 2
Vent/Fans/Ems/Other 3
2022 YTD Runs: 280

Visitor Counter

Visits: 2363
Today: 102
Total: 3568

Welcome to the Rochester Protectives!

 The Rochester Protectives are one of the few remaining 100% Volunteer Fire Salvage Company’s in the U.S. We provide both fire and non-fire salvage services to the City of Rochester, NY.

The Protectives provide assistance to the City of Rochester Firefighters, some of which include: 

  • Covering or removing property
  • Recovering family valuables
  • Providing ventilation through the use of smoke-ejecting fans
  • Set-up of emergency scene lighting
  • Pumping out flooded basements
  • Securing broken windows and doors
Fire Department Elections for Line and 
Association Officers at the firehouse 
from 2pm till 6:30pm Thursday Dec. 1st