Upcoming Meetings:

           Thursday August 5th

2021 Incidents
June Total 23
Structure Fires 17
Multiple Alarms 0
Commercial Water 0
Residential Water 1
No Duty 5
Vent/Fans/Ems/Other 0
2021 YTD Runs: 179


Members please spread the word:
We are also looking to re-admit any past member who would like to rejoin the protectives as a social member.

Here is the Slate of Officers for 2021:

Chief – Scott Owen
Deputy Chief  Rick Korzinski
Captain – Nick O’Connor
Lieutenant  Collin Martin, Tatiana Ortiz, Joel Loturko, Donna Davis, Rob Pelusio
President – Laurie Kingsley-Henry
Vice President – Nick Manuele
Recording Secretary – Beth Burchill
Financial Secretary – (no one nominated or named by nominating committee)
Treasurer– Joe Childs
Sergeant at Arms – Thomas D’Ambra
Board of Directors 3 year term  – Philip Gibeau, Jim Dailey, Pete Haak
Board of Directors 1 year term – Fred McCarthy